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Brandon Presley a9b69638a6 Fix color of progress bar in Timer page
React native paper update made the dark theme color into RGBA
instead of hex, so adding the string '80' no longer works.
2023-08-22 12:04:47 +12:00
Brandon Presley f778426aba Run prettier
Something happened with the deno formatter,
I can't remember what! Hahahahahaahahaha
2023-08-12 15:23:02 +12:00
Brandon Presley 4303fe2cc4 Use deno fmt instead of prettier 2023-06-27 15:16:59 +12:00
Brandon Presley 6438a9c48a Use the same colors as switch for timer page - 1.114 2023-01-08 14:00:27 +13:00
Brandon Presley a2721e9f12 Use sqlite in Android code for alarm settings
Closes #129
2023-01-02 18:54:35 +13:00
Brandon Presley 5115055280 Reword MassiveX as AppX 2022-12-29 13:57:19 +13:00
Tiffany Barclay 2176acd924 Clean up timer page styling
Closes #110
2022-12-25 01:05:48 +13:00
Brandon Presley 67d90d4e02 Get settings on TimerPage on focus
Previously it was on mount.
Fixes #122.
2022-12-02 14:48:10 +13:00
Brandon Presley dc73035607 Add progress bar for rest timer in StartPlan 2022-11-10 15:15:27 +13:00
Brandon Presley e6d5e928a9 Use text for progress color on Timer
The progress color needs to be static
because I can't find a combo of background
color to contrast well with all the custom
primary colors.
2022-11-09 13:26:26 +13:00
Brandon Presley 13c1f64398 Change backgroundColor on timer 2022-11-08 15:50:14 +13:00
Brandon Presley bac2e3498f Add back in primary color for timer
The default progress color had weird
looking jagged edges.
2022-11-08 12:58:47 +13:00
Brandon Presley eb23fc2210 Remove primary color from timer progress
Some of these colors provide terrible contrast
so we should just leave it as default. Otherwise
people using certain colors (like light cyan)
can barely see this progress circle at all.
2022-11-08 12:45:40 +13:00
Brandon Presley bb85935e1d Remove custom circle background color on TimerPage
The default color has better contrast than
what I was using before.

Closes #112
2022-11-07 14:14:43 +13:00
Brandon Presley 1e4e66363b Remove unused variables from TimerPage 2022-11-05 14:52:24 +13:00
Brandon Presley 9c808ce84b Add progress circle to TimerPage 2022-11-05 14:40:06 +13:00
Brandon Presley 1e0daeec90 Remove unused variable in TimerPage 2022-11-05 12:57:32 +13:00
Brandon Presley 7b4fddfebf Make text bigger on TimerPage 2022-11-05 12:57:08 +13:00
Brandon Presley facbfe4da5 Add noSound to timer add 2022-11-03 21:59:00 +13:00
Brandon Presley fcce1ad9ef Add native events to communicate the running timer
Closes #99
2022-11-03 20:04:15 +13:00
Brandon Presley 21d9149498 Quit trying to move timer logic into AlarmModule
I just can't figure out how to make the stop button
and delete intents work.
2022-10-24 14:45:21 +13:00
Brandon Presley 3cbabb723a Add sessions page
Related to #82
2022-10-05 23:38:52 +13:00
Brandon Presley ba3ed2a272 Revert "Revert "Add setting for showing date by default""
This reverts commit e1b7e80e2f.
2022-10-02 18:07:43 +13:00
Brandon Presley 4599da7c28 Delete Timer page
Maybe i'll try add this again if anyone wants it.
2022-09-27 11:58:49 +13:00
Brandon Presley e1b7e80e2f Revert "Add setting for showing date by default"
This reverts commit e8715162a0.
2022-09-26 19:13:24 +13:00
Brandon Presley e8715162a0 Add setting for showing date by default
Closes #52
2022-09-26 19:02:25 +13:00
Brandon Presley a20a0a1832 Add timer page
Closes #54
2022-09-26 14:38:25 +13:00